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My Letter To You!
From The Laptop of Jak Dawson
Clearwater, Florida

Dear friend,

MOST business owners try to start conversations about websites and find themselves needing guidance.

If that is you, this is exactly what you've been looking for!

Hi, I'm Jak Dawson, founder of World Class Websites.

I've got an amazing a video training that teaches you the standards of a business website called "The Business Owner's Website Guide."

If you've been struggling with a website, or wondering, "How will I ever understand this?" The Business Owners Website Guide video training is what you've been looking for.
Who am I?
Jak Dawson Business Website Trainer Headshot
I grew up in Clearwater, Florida, and I started my business to help with the complexities of business website design.

My website experience goes back to dial-up AOL! I started learning about business website layout and business website must-haves by taking classes in high school.

After helping a friend with a website, I found that I had a special skill when it comes to teaching people about websites. Even when working with those from other industries, the communication was never a problem.

And today I design websites and provide simple website training for business owners! With my trainings, I use real-life examples to make sure it is relatable and understandable. It took me years of experience to create this video guide and I am confident it is the business website course you have been looking for!

Your Solution = This Do-It-Yourself Website Guide

After This Business Website Guide You Won't Have To Search For Any More Website Training Videos!

This amazing website training for business owners will teach you the basics of business website layout. 

With the Business Owners Website Guide, you can take the guesswork out of building your website and finally get it right!

If you just need a little guidance, this website training for business owners has the answers you've been looking for.

Claim your access now and we'll get you started with this Do-It-Yourself Website Guide immediately.

Business Owner's Website Guide Do It Yourself Guide Graphic

"The Business Owner's Website Guide!"

This business website training will also explain what content is typically used in a business website and where that content should be located

This Do-It-Yourself website guide makes it easy for you to understand business website design.

Here's exactly what is covered:

• Overview of the business website purpose
• Business website training on the header section
• Business website training on body sections
• The expected content for the standard pages
• Business website training on the footer section
• How to make sure you include all of the business website must-haves!

All of this information will be explained in a 1 hour website training for business owners. 

And the best part it, there are minimal technical terms because it's a business owners website guide!

business website trainer teaching a business owner
Why do I do it?

I want to share this information with as many people as I can because I don't want business website design to hurt business owners. 

So I worked hard to learn everything you need, and I offer it to you in this business website training!
You'll Wish You Found This Sooner
Where I live, there are so many businesses and so many different types of business owners. And they have a hard time navigating without a Do-It-Yourself website guide. 

For these business owners to be competitive, they need to use effective business website design. And if they aren't competitive, they shutting down their business!

I don't want any businesses to be at risk of closing their doors because they don't understand business website design. I want to empower all businesses by teaching them the business website must-haves and helping them achieve the success they deserve!
#1 Way To Finally Learn The Standards To Business Websites
When it comes to business website design, I like to help others in need. 
And this is what I am passionate about!
So I took all my experience and created this one-of-a-kind website training for business owners!
website training for business owners Jak Dawson with a laptop
For Only $4.95
Yes... for about the price of a cheap lunch, you can get access to a framework that took me years of knowledge to perfect ... 

Discover How A Business Owner Like You Can Have An Amazing Website!
In fact, after this business website training, you could...
  • Finally Compete With Your Competitors By Using The Website Standards
  • Improve User Experience Of Your Website
  • ​Keep Viewers On Your Website Longer​
  • ​Have The Website You've Always Wanted
And Learn The Truth That Even You
Have What It Takes To Have A Successful Business Website
"At This Point, You May Be Wondering Who Is Jak Dawson and How Can He Help My Website???"
If my 18 years of experience with websites has taught me anything...

It's that it is very clear when a website is hurting a business!

I teach business website design and I am offering you this training because...

If A Course Could Improve Your Business Reach, Client Acquisition, Business Automation, Branding and Marketing... Could That Change Your Life?

My Calling Is To Provide The Business Website Course That Changes Your Life!

My mission is to help people just like you go from having a problem website to a thriving website! 

Don't take my word for it, see what others have said about my website training for business owners. 
Jak Dawson business website training thinking posed position
What Others Have Said About 
The Business Owner's Website Guide And MasterClass
Checkout this testimonial from another business owner like yourself.
Business Owners Website  Guide Testimonial
Here's Exactly What You Get

Business Owner's Website Guide ($347 Value)

✔ A specialized website training for business owners that doesn't require much technical experience. 

✔ An overview of the business website purpose and how it applies to you. 

✔ Clear instructions to achieve the standards of business websites.

✔ A Do-It-Yourself Website Guide and so much more...
Plus, Act Now & Receive 4 Bonuses FREE!
Bonus #1 - 10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
10 Powerful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Cover of Resource
10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Action Guide
Total Value: $99
This Action Guide PDF resource is the shortcut to learn 10 different ways to get traffic to your website.

Traffic is the lifeblood for businesses and driving traffic is a needed skill.

More traffic means more leads, and more leads means more clients.

Learning these skills will enable you to grow your website into a lead generating asset!

Beat The Competition With This Website
Training For Business Owners

Bonus #2 - Winning The SEO Game
Winning The SEO Game Cover Of Resource
Winning The SEO Game
Action Guide
Total Value: $99
This Action Guide PDF holds the keys for you to understand how Google ranks websites.

This guide also covers the core parts of website Search Engine Optimization.

Success with SEO means your website is more inclined to see ongoing traffic. 

Have peace of mind knowing you have consistent leads and clients.

Learn How To Be Successful With SEO
With This Business Website Guide

Bonus #3 - Building Your Personal Brand
Building Your Personal Brand & Becoming An Influencer Cover Of Resource
Building Your Personal Brand Action Guide
Total Value: $99
This Action Guide PDF explains the importance of a personal brand and why you need to think about it.

By utilizing your personal brand, you can add credibility and transparency with potential clients. 

This allows your business to become more than just a business. It becomes you, your values and the impressions you left on people.

Incorporate your personal brand to get the most out of your business with this Action Guide.

Use Your Personal Brand & Meet The
Standards Of Business Websites

Bonus #4 - MUST-HAVE Pictures & Videos
MUST HAVE Pictures and Videos Checklist For Website Standards
MUST-HAVE Pictures & Videos
Total Value: $99
This Checklist document removes the guesswork and lets you know exactly what pictures and videos your website needs.

By utilizing the right media, you can engage your audience the right way.

Having an engaged audience means they are more likely to do business with you and share your content.

Know the pictures and videos your website NEEDS and never second-guess your decisions about this again.

Wow Your Audience With The
Business Website Must-Haves

There Is NO CATCH!
At this point you might be thinking, "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"
There's no catch!

I'm doing this because I want to positively impact as many business owners people as I can and that is why I made this business website course.

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!).

Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, this business website training offer can't last forever... so don't wait!

This offer and the bonuses it includes may not be here to stay. Now is the time to receive it at an unbeatable price.

And to provide even more reassurance, this Do-It-Yourself website guide includes protection with...
My Personal Guarantee
If for any reason you don't love it, I'll give you a full refund and you can still keep access to the video training for the Business Owner's Website Guide and get value from it in the future.
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My Website Training For Business Owners.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
Business owners website guide and bonuses on screen and book covers
  Business Owner's Website Guide (Value $347)
  Bonus #1: 10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website  (Value $99)
  Bonus #2: Winning The SEO Game (Value $99)
  Bonus #3: MUST-HAVE Pictures & Videos Checklist  (Value $99)
  Bonus #4: Copywriting And Branding Essentials (Value $99)
Total Value: $743
Today's Price is $4.95!
Thank you for reading my story and for your interest in my offer. If you are ready to finally tackle business websites, this Do-It-Yourself website guide and its bonuses will prepare you... guaranteed!

Thanks again,
Jak Dawson
P.S. In summary, this 1 hour business website course and it's bonuses will provide the basics and standards of business websites so you can have the business website and world-wide reach THAT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED!
Want to know the origin of this course?
Watch this quick video to learn how I made this Business Owners Website Guide.
You Are Only A Few Steps Away...
From The Website And World-Wide Reach That You've Always Wanted!
 Step #1: Contact Information
 Step #2: Billing Address
 Step #3: Checkout
Business owners website guide and bonuses on screen and book covers
Everything You're Going To Get
  • Business Owner's Website Guide (Value $347)
  • 10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
    (Value $99)
  • Winning The SEO Game (Value $99)
  • ​MUST-HAVE Pictures & Videos Checklist
    (Value $99)
  • Copywriting and Branding Essentials
    (Value $99)
Total Value: $743
Just $4.95

THE MUST-HAVE PICTURES & VIDEOS TRAINING - Only $17: Want to know exactly what pictures and videos to have on your web pages? Use this video training to make sure you have the business website must-haves that keep the viewer on your website! Add this to your order now for just $17 (normally $37)

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